We deliver the mould-breaking Industrial and Digital design solutions for the gaming industry.


Our industrial design solutions include custom design of all types of Cabinets, Electronic Roulette, Toppers, Jackpots, Bingo, Poker and other ETG casino products. We also design and create new concepts for gaming products relevant to the casino and entertainment business.

Automated Electronic Roulette

Extensive knowledge in designing automated electronic products especially automated roulette.

The  Archipelago electronic roulette is designed with the idea to be the smallest on the market, and yet outclass the competition. The roulette therefore results in a flexible concept for effortless adaptations to legislative changes in business realities.It is extensively customizable with Progressive Lightning System which performs programmed lighting scenarios for various game events, making it special in every moment.One of the most important features is a combination of innovative compact design for more space and a comfortable sitting position which holds an impressive array of functionalities: Flat upper desk for best viewing angle and complete control of the game and UI with full history, trends, hot/cold numbers, distribution and statistics, other players’ bets, custom bets, etc.In three words, Archipelago is designed to attract, impress and satisfy.

Roulette Wheel Centre Design

Complete Roulette Wheel designs including ball stoppers, track, pockets and turret.

Down to The finest detail

Every big picture is composed of many small pictures. Attention to detail stands at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

Cabinet Design

Specialised Industrial design for gaming cabinets in all forms, setup’s and sizes.

New Gen Modular Cabinets

With markets changing and players demanding more we are here to meet those challenges. Multiplayer and multi-game to the latest skill driven gambling machines we are ready to design the next up and coming concept for your business. 

EGT products
& equipment

All digitally reimagined classic table games like like Poker, Texas Hold’Em and similar are all interesting opportunities for operators players across the globe. Especially in the new digital age those machines potentially hold great potential to attract the new players generations while adding more entertainment value.


We also design Products for the Leasure industry. Everything from hand football tables to pool tables including accessories.

Our design team can help you develop products that will double the fun.

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