Lux Slot Cabinet Concept

New Concept Line of Slot Cabinets featuring new colours, materials and finished (CMF) that appeal to the new generation of players.        

Cabinet design

An example of a upright Slot-cabinet design with customizable edge RGB lighting, frosted glass side panels for a sense of player privacy and a minimalistic overall body design.        

Roulette wheel design

Understanding roulette players and their needs we rely on our experience in designing roulette wheels that are easy to read, pleasure to look at and entertain.

Archipelago roulette Customisation

The Archipelago roulette is extensively customizable in terms of materials and finishes. The centre top decorative vase can be interchanged with a custom casino 3D logotype.  


The importance of details becomes a key focus at the final stages of our design process. We are striving not only to solve problems but also apply styling that inspires and attracts.

Y-Series™ Electronic betting terminals

Y-Series™ Electronic betting terminals are a powerful option for casino’s pit / floor space and floor-design challenges. Fully configurable into back to back, island, against-the-wall or stadium configurations they make the best use of any available space. Can be linked to a Y-Series™ Automated roulette wheel, Live roulette wheel, or it can be used for Live or Virtual gaming applications …


Leisure design

We not only handle hardcore gambling product design but also anything else that is fun and entertains.

Roulette Toper & Accessories Example

The most visible part of any game system in a casino environment would be suspended up in the air and should therefore attract and communicate to visitors where to find their favourite games. A Roulette topper can be set-up and customised in various ways and can also be adapted to games like Bingo and other.